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Class Descriptions: 

**All classes below are what we offer currently at PC!!** 

Tots: ONLY for ages 4-6. Tots classes are $65/month and are 45 minutes long! In these classes your athlete will learn the basics of floor tumbling while working in a variety of age appropriate stations! These classes will use all of our equipment and are broken down into 5 minutes of warm up- 35 minutes of instruction - 5 minutes of free play where they can use our in ground foam pit, trampolines, or whatever we have out for that day!

ALL Level Classes start at $75/month

Level One: For ages 6+. Level One classes are perfect for beginners or those who have little prior experience. Level One classes focus on basic tumbling with the ultimate goal of performing both front and back walkovers as well as showing basic tumbling understanding.

Level Two: For ages 6+. Level Two classes are only available to those who have mastered all of the Level One required skills. The focus of this level is handsprings! Athletes should show mastery of all level one skills and learn to build on them!

Level Three: For ages 6+. Level Three classes are only available to those who have mastered Level Two! The focus of this level is tucks! We also work on expanding on Level Two skills!

Handspring Class: Ages 6+. These classes are SKILL specific. We only focus on mastery of handsprings OR Tucks, depending on what level you are! This is a great supplementary class for those in level one, two, or three class OR for somebody who is stuck on these skills! We focus on building strength, flexibility, and understanding of the skills! 

Stunt Class: Ages 6+ Athletes will work on coed stunts, basing, and flying skills! No experience required! We recommend stunt class if you have an interest in cheerleading! Stunt classes are $60/month